HIESuccess Relationship Roadmap

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The FREE Connecting Healthcare® HIESuccess "DIY" tool assists healthcare providers in evaluating their readiness and ability to achieve health information exchange (HIE). This includes organizing the identification of those within your referral and transition of care relationships that are ready to successfully engage in HIE for both meaningful use considerations and patient care coordination and outcomes.

Utilizing the Connecting Healthcare® HIESuccess framework; you can establish a documented roadmap of your community connections and who among them are ready or not to exchange clinical data more efficiently. In addition to the basic benefits of a health information exchange, the secure electronic sharing of patient data also drives patient benefits for you and your referral partners. A core opportunity of HIESuccess is to assist in relationship management and the visibility needed to gain operational benefits. Download and use the HIESuccess Toolkit Components and share with your referral and transitions of care relationships!

HIESuccess in 4 Steps

HIE Success Process

HIE Success Toolkit Components

HIESuccess DIY Readiness Assessment (PDF)
HIE Success Checklist V2 (PDF)
HIE Success Outreach Call Script (PDF)

Detailed Relationship List (PDF)
Detailed Relationship List (XLSX)

Dashboard of Connections (PDF)
Dashboard of Connections (DOCX)

Outreach template survey (PDF)
Outreach template survey (DOCX)

Outreach fax template (PDF)
Outreach fax template (DOCX)

Outreach email template (PDF)
Outreach email template (DOCX)



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